Smart Glass and Wearables will be enabling innovation across many industries in the coming years, one such field is Education. Entangled Ventures has a special interest in seeing leaps forward in Education using technologies like Google Glass. Let's see how we can enable teachers and students with Glass!



Tickets must be purchased from Eventbrite. No refunds. The ticket sales will go to food and paying for the event.




Participating Meetup Groups

Smart Glass Innovators (meetup)


If you've landed here from a meetup group, Eventbrite ticket is required for participation.  Meetup RSVP's do not get you in - sorry.  But you guys are the best participants - so sign up now!


  • A team is limited to 1-5 members
  • All teams must have a Team Lead
  • Team Lead is the sole point of contact with organizers
  • Glassware presentations are led by the team lead
  • Any prizes won will be given to the team lead, to be distributed to the team
  • No remote team members
  • Limited outside consulting is ok, no code commits


  • Teams are to add John (or another organizer) to their project on GitHub/BitBucket
  • John (or organizer) will do a brief code review
  • Team will present their work however they choose to do so

Hackathon Sponsors


$11,175 in prizes


$1000 cash, up to 5 HTC One (M7) phones (one per team member), Metaio SDK ($3500 value)

Second Place

$1000 cash, 2 tickets to Wearable Technologies Conference ($890 value each), 1 ticket to GGDevCon ($895 value)

Third Place

$500 cash

Entangled Pick

$500 cash

This is Entangled Venture's favorite team.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Allen Firstenberg

Allen Firstenberg

Kevin Adler

Kevin Adler

Kim Jacobson

Kim Jacobson

Josh Salcman

Josh Salcman

Judging Criteria

  • Completeness/polish
  • Glassware UX
    This should provide a good user experience on Glass specifically. Glass is not a phone, or a PC.
  • Difficulty
  • Does it solve a problem?
  • How big is the problem?
  • Is it a good solution?
  • Would it make a good product?

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