• A team is limited to 1-5 members
  • All teams must have a Team Lead
  • Team Lead is the sole point of contact with organizers
  • Glassware presentations are led team lead
  • Any prizes won will be given to the team lead, to be distributed to the team
  • No remote team members
  • Limited outside consulting is ok, no code commits


  • Teams will use BitBucket, GitHub, or similar version control tool for code collaboration
  • Teams will register themselves on ChallengePost

Only the actual work done during the hackathon should be considered.

  • Teams are to add John (or another organizer) to their project on GitHub/BitBucket
  • Organizer does cursory code review during presentation
  • Check for commits by non-members, commits before the start of the event, after pencils down

Judging criteria

  • Completeness/polish
  • Glassware UX
  • Difficulty
  • Does it solve a problem?
  • How big is the problem?
  • Is it a good solution?
  • Would it make a good product?

Participants will be scored by a point system

  • Judges will use ChallengePost for voting
  • Teams will be tracked on ChallengePost